January, 2021  President's message


Dear Members, yes there is a war going on….one we have fought before!

The message below was written by Ethelene Dyer Jones and expanded some by Pat Peterson, President, SMRWF


In the War for Independence, soldiers there lay down their very lives as the price for freedom. Let us take a little time to recall Christmas, 1777, during that war… Christmas in wartime (and in pandemic) is especially difficult, and so it was at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in 1777 or around your dining table this year in 2020. Indeed, Valley Forge stands as a monument in time attesting to the trying times General George Washington and the Continental Army faced. Was there any hope for the struggling nation against the British? Was the dream of freedom to be lost amidst the cold, illness, death and deprivation of harsh winter? Where is our dream for freedom as we struggle against illness, privation, misdirection and lies in 2020-2021. HOLD FAST to that dream. 


There they were, twelve thousand tattered troops with their General, George Washington, encamped at Valley Forge. Here we are 74,222,957 American's voting for President Trump, and we are locked in a bitter fight. At Valley Forge, despite the bitter cold and the seemingly insurmountable odds of starvation and lack of provisions, from this lowest point of the Revolution, a miracle was taking place as men shuddered in the fields of Valley Forge. Despite seemingly insurmountable odds in the electoral process - the narrative being twisted and turned - a miracle can take place. We do not need to shudder in fear or anguish - we are fighters, and we showed fighting form in 2020. Stay fit and fight even harder now in 2021! 

General Washington from his cold tent began a letter tendering his resignation, citing "abandonment to starvation and neglect. Are you feeling ready to throw in the towel, ....just to get it over with??? HOLD FAST! "In the midst of his writing, General Washington heard sounds coming from the field. Was it a mutiny, as one of his officers had predicted? He braved the falling snow and bitter wind, going from platoon to platoon where fires glowed. Pots on the fires at each location gave off strange odors of whatever provender the soldiers had found of wild game to flavor their gruel. Where is our flavor - our Republican resolve? Is the fire still burning in your heart? 

At each location he was met with shouts of "Long live the United States! Hail to our Chief! May Liberty prevail!" At one stop General Washington asked, "Have you not suffered enough?" The lieutenant in charge responded, "Having come this far, we can but go the rest of the distance. With you to lead us, we can't lose!" And we too can't lose with Trump as our leader. Press on for victory, for the higher goal! Count our victories in Congress, and those in California! We have come this far, and the fight is not over. Continue to be hopeful and build hope in others. I’d like to add prayer from the CFRW Chaplain if I may. SMRWF will come out swinging in January, stay tuned to join us.

Dear Lord,

As we look back and reflect on 2020 and all that has happened to us personally, our families and friends and our nation, we realize that we need to praise you and thank you Lord because we are still alive to see the end of 2020. Oh Lord, we beg you to keep fighting for us, to be there for us and at the end of this year set us free, free from every satanic stronghold that is trying to keep us from fulfilling our destinies for you.

In 2020, we have witnessed fires like never before, people losing their homes and loved ones to these walls of flames. We have witnessed a pandemic named COVID 19, a disease that have kept family members isolated and all alone and for some, death. We have witnessed attacks of such vile hatred on our President and citizens of this country that we call home. The destroying of businesses, the livelihood of the innocent, physical harm and the looting by

hateful protesters, has brought communities down to ruins. We have witnessed the integrity of our nation being stripped away. We have witnessed Satan himself trying to keep us from worshipping you Father, by closing down churches, synagogues and other houses of worship.

Lord we are asking you to lift our families, our businesses and most important our ministries up and out of this valley of darkness. There have been so many trials this year, we plead with you to help us Lord, with and in our prayers that we do not become discourage in what we have seen and experienced through all these horrible events. Lord please help us and remind us that we must never forget that you are in control, we know we must do our duty but it is through you that we see the consequences. Lord, you have brought us to the end of this year 2020, and we pray that the remaining days be strong fast in faith and filled with your loving spirit in us. Thank you for bringing us into 2021. Bless our

Military and their families, keep them safe and unite them together. Bless our President and his family. May he stand true to his convictions even through all the hate that is

displayed against him.

In Your Mighty and Majestic Name Lord


Val Emick, CFRW Chaplain