FEBRUARY, 2021  President's message


                               WALK SOFTLY AND CARRY A BIG STICK





In the continuing fight against the left – attempting to institute Critical Race Theory, transgender pronouns and athletes – giving money away instead of creating jobs – I had a glimmer of hope in June.  America is waking up to the fact that Dem’s don’t practice what they preach.  They are all about “how” to talk, “how” to act – but do they?  The left complains about established institutions falling short due to some racist issue instead of leaning in and helping them reach their goals.  They want to reframe the goal and dumb it down.  Instead of creating jobs as did President Trump, they took them away by continuing the stimulus and unemployment benefits while pushing for $15 minimum wage which means fewer people will get hired.  The examples go on and on, but we must be a voice, a light in the darkness….because the left is surrounded by it.


The governors of Texas and Florida are being a light in the darkness.  They are leading the way for other governors to take a stand for conservatism.  Texas Governor Greg Abbot started a Go Fund Me to complete the Border Wall.  He is walking softly and going to carry a big stick to protect his state.


As for me, our club has been very active in helping the homeless veterans.  Through your generosity we donated 400 articles of clothing and accessories which go directly to the VA Thrift Store which is free to the vets.  We are setting an example in our community.  On June 14th we distributed Hygiene Kits to the homeless vets outside the VA Grounds in tents along San Vicente Blvd.  The kits included soap, shampoo, washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, q-tips, kleenex and various other items, AGAIN donated by YOU, members of our club.


Now for my glimmer of hope.  My 34-year-old son Kurt joined us.  He voted for Biden as he, like many young voters, disliked Trump as a person.  Couldn’t get past his image.  After the election we had a bit of falling out for a couple of weeks as I tried to “tell him” it meant higher taxes for us, illegal immigrants taking away job, and increasing the welfare burden on our state, inflation, packing the Supreme Court and so on.  He said my speech was vitriol.  So blind is the left to the truth. 


Kurt has a friend John, who is a homeless vet with a severe drug addiction.  He lives in those tents outside the VA.  John put us in touch with Rob who works for American Veterans, a chartered service organization representing the interest of 20 million veterans and families.  John works directly with these men and women and he helped us set up and distribute the kits that morning.  Kurt was very proactive in carrying the supplies along with water and snacks – actively engaging the vets.  I was just happy to have him there to load my car and carry our supplies. 


When we were done, Kurt and I were walking to the car when he put his arm around me and said “Way to go mom!  I bet you’ll never see the democrats doing that”. 

What a jewel I was given that day and we did it by “leading by example’.   As per Barak Obama’s famous quote, the democrats “lead from behind”.  And look where that got us….President Trump!


Some quotes about leading from notable people.


  •       “An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching”.  Mahatma Gandhi
  •       “The deeds you do today may be the only sermon some persons will hear today”  Francis of Assisi
  •       “Change your world by your example, not your opinion”.  Paul Coelho, author The Alchemist.
  •       “The three most important ways to lead people are…by example, by example, by example”.  Albert Schweitzer”
  •       Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means”. Albert Einstein.
  •       Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be.  Be one”.  Marcus Aurelius

All my best,

Pat Peterson