At our June 16, 2021 lunch meeting, we honored two leaders among our youth who have taken a stand for our country through education, advocacy, dedication and service. Each honoree received a $250 scholarship from SMRWF.


This past year as the President of the Bruin Republicans Sam worked diligently to advocate for the conservative voice on the UCLA campus and to build an online community for the Bruin Republicans. To promote conservative ideals on campus, Sam took action and spearheaded outreach efforts to recruit over 70 new and returning students to the group, organized a 9/11 flag memorial, defended Professor Klein from the BLM mob, encouraged student involvement in the 2020 election cycle and hosted conservative speakers and discussions on campus. 

Samantha Sharpe

Samantha's conservative activism began at the University of Colorado where she was Vice President and Director of Communications for the College Republicans, and participated in a grassroots campaign for a local Republican congressman. In her free time, she attended the Republican Jewish Coalition Conference and was a student delegate at AIPAC. These experiences inspired Samantha to move to Israel, where she volunteered to join the Israel Defense Forces serving in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit responsible for domestic and foreign information policy. Today, Samatha works for a nonprofit that supports the IDF through various educational, welfare and mental health programs.