We are pleased to announce the SMRWF’s new Saturday Salon Series. These small gatherings will take place in various members’ homes on a Saturday afternoon depending on speaker and host availability. We encourage members to invite friends and family who might not necessarily be conservative in an effort to open up a dialogue, without rancor, about concerns related to our city and country, and what to do about it. 

Our first salon on June 3, 2023 featured Susanne Reyto, author of “Destination Freedom: Escape from Tyranny.” Susanne is an award-winning author, speaker, world traveler and ardent supporter of Israel and the free world. She is an active member of several organizations, Chairman of the Board of Governors of City of Hope, president of Hadassah Los Angeles and ZOA Western Region. She and her husband, Robert, are recipients of the Hand of Freedom Award from the American Freedom Alliance. As a child survivor of the Holocaust, Suzanne works tirelessly to educate our future generations about the history of the Holocaust and Communism. Her childhood experiences include being in prison as a 5 year old and spending 29 months in a Communist internment camp. Freedom is precious to her, and her mission is to make the public aware of the importance of protecting it.