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Calling all young “Courageous Conservatives” - NOMINATION DEADLINE EXTENDED!

SMRWF MEMBERS, do you know a young man or young woman age 16 to 25 who espouses and practices conservative principles, purpose, values and virtues? Why not nominate him or her for the annual “SMRWF Courageous Conservative” Award? Candidates are selected from a field of applicants who have demonstrated excellence in promoting conservative ideals! A scholarship is awarded based on the applicant’s practice of conservative leadership and purpose.

Past Courageous Conservative award recipients have procured recognition, influence and success in conservative endeavors as leaders, journalists or entrepreneurs. Trust your intuition and nominate that young conservative person who comes to mind. You’ll be glad you did. Candidates may obtain an application form here, or pick up a paper application at the April 13 SMRWF Luncheon. 

Please return applications to kariczer@protonmail.com by May 12.