This is the second attempt to recall Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon. You may have signed the first one last summer, but that one was withdrawn in the fall. The campaign has been reorganized and has received more funding, and a new petition is now being circulated. Almost 600,000 signatures must be obtained by early June to qualify for the November election. The committee hopes to collect about 800,000 to ensure there will be enough valid signatures. Remember that the Newsom recall had several attempts before getting qualified. 

Gascon has enacted policies that are as heinous as some of the crimes he does not want to be prosecuted. These include the following: 

  • No bail requirements, in most cases despite past criminal history. 
  • Elimination of 13 crimes to be prosecuted that include trespassing, driving on a suspended license and resisting arrest. 
  • Repeat offenders are to be treated as first-time offenders even if they have committed murder, rape, and robbery. 
  • Juveniles are never to be tried as an adult no matter how horrible the crime is. 
  • No death penalty prosecutions for anybody doing any crime. 

To learn more about this recall campaign, visit On this website, you can download and print a recall petition and mail it to the address provided. It is very important to follow all of the instructions, including signing in the yellow space only, printing the full name of your city (such as Santa Monica, not SM), and completing and signing the declaration of circulator at the bottom of the petition. Only Los Angeles County voters may sign this petition. Instead of downloading and printing the petition from the website, you may also sign the larger petition that signature gatherers may be collecting in public places. Look for these events at farmer’s markets in Pacific Palisades and Beverly Hills as well as in front of retail stores. We all know that crime has increased and it is SO IMPORTANT to recall Gascon this fall. Please sign this petition and let your family and friends know to do this too. Even if they are Democrats, they will likely see the reasons for getting rid of this pest.