APRIL 2022 President's message


Dear Friends,

April is a super busy month, with a crazy amount of observances and activities. I have listed many below, but which do you choose to participate in, observe, do well, and feel good about? Most of us agree that we are busier than ever, with long days and seemingly less time each day to get things done. How could the aftermath of a covid lockdown produce such a renewed fervor of work when we had just learned to relax?

Have you heard of the phrase “going nowhere fast”? The definition is failing to make progress or produce the desired resultI have thought about why I am tired at times with ineffective results for all my seeming efforts. It came to me that I have neglected the small things in my life. I made three New Year’s resolutions and have yet to start any of them. How depressing.

Mother Teresa said, “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” I have left out doing things that make me happy, benefit me, and bring me joy in my life. I would like to read a devotion every morning and journal about it. I stopped exercising two years ago and now I have less energy. My goal is to read a book a month, instead, I watch Netflix. Where is the deep reflective thought in that? 

By not tending to these small things that actually make up the person that I am – helping to create a whole, better me – I am running on two cylinders, being less effective, and often frustrated at how best to use my time. How about you? Have you been faithful in the small things that give you strength? We need to have reserves to fight back against the ever-encroaching agenda of the left, to support good candidates in this primary and mid-term election. We need to be organized, and that takes time.

See you at the SMRWF Events…Of course!

Sincerely Yours,
Pat Peterson