President's message


What is the World Coming To? 

A good friend of mine, Karen Siegemund, is president of the American Freedom Alliance. She hosts large conferences throughout the year that are cutting-edge on the political, social, and economic landscape of not only A
merica but also the world. Her conferences have been foretelling the future! From Propaganda, detailed dissertations on the manipulation of social media, web browsing, and news reporting in our lives, to the Long March Through the Institutions which showed how the left had overtaken our schools not just through teachers but by beginning in the administrations, and her most recent one is entitled World War III. That may seem drastic and alarmist but nothing about what the left is doing is nice, good for our country, or for our citizens. We are in a war and it's time we sit up and take notice. 

I walk regularly in Will Rogers Park with friends, not in SMRWF, and recently we talked about how the Department of Defense wants to make people pay for the Internet. You complete a permit and then they have access to all of your browsing data. 

We discussed the “15 Minute Pop Up Cities” that are happening in Great Britain, Canada, and the United States. These are cities where everything you might need is 15 minutes away. No cars are allowed, and you can't take pictures if you stumble upon them. Now there is a controlled communist society experiment if I ever saw one! It is rumored that Cincinnati or Cleveland will become one. 

Another discussion centered on Medical ID bands given to the residents of East Palestine where the chemical spill happened. God knows they need all the help they can get but those bands collect your medical data, your GPS data, and more.

The Chinese “weather” balloon wasn't surveilling our missile installations, the Chinese already have that information from their satellites far above the earth. They were listening to our communications which is why they were so low. Listening to NORAD talk with Biden about what to do with the balloon, gauging our reactions and how much they can get away with, along with how the U.S. relay's information. 

We are definitely on the verge of having our liberties taken away. We are living in the fable of the Boiling Frog. A frog is put in a pot of water being slowly brought to a boil. He does not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. We too are like the frog and do not perceive the danger and are unwilling to react to sinister threats that arise gradually rather than suddenly. The left is revealing their plot openly now. Let's jump out of the pot before it's too late. Conspiracy talk should be listened to. It's not fake news anymore.

Sincerely yours,

Pat Peterson