DECEMBER 2021 President's message


Happy New Year to all members and friends of Santa Monica Republican Women! 


THIS YEAR SMRWF has been a rebel with a CAUSE! Thanks to FLAME restaurant which never had a mask mandate, social distancing or a cap on our numbers, we only kept growing and getting better as the year went on.  OUR CLUB RECEIVED TWO AWARDS of which I am very proud at the State Convention.

  • The first is for Membership.  Because of people like you we received the membership award for the second highest increase in membership in the state. 
  • The second award we received is very special.  Member Sylvia Greer was inspired to create an outreach to the businesses which were looted and burned in the Santa Monica Riots last year as well as recognizing first responders – Santa Monica Police and Fire Departments with a gift. AS A RESULT SMRWF was the state winner of the Caring for America Award - REPUBLICAN WILLINGNESS TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LIFE IN OUR COMMUNITY.  It’s not all politics where you can make a difference.



Townhall Senior Columnist Kurt Schlichter was our featured and favored speaker in March at our St. Patty’s Day luncheon. 


We honored Courageous Conservative College Students in June, UCLA Bruin President Sam Roth and former IDF member Samantha Sharpe.  Our special guest speaker was our first Courageous Conservative Winner – Natalie Winters.  She specializes in subversive Communist China just as a sophomore in college and is a regular reporter on Steve Bannon’s War room


Our Club worked hard on all the recalls, holding phone banking for Recall Gavin 2021, door to door for Gascon and Mike Bonin. Mike Netter, Siannah Boute, and Eric Early were guest speakers came to rally and arm the troops at our July dinner meeting.


September brought our Summer’s Not Over Dinner Affair at the Luxe Hotel.  Our guest of honor was LA County Sheriff Alex VillanuevaHe received a standing ovation when he walked to the stage.


October – was a very important meeting with Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors who spoke on our medical freedom and civil liberties as we approached the vaccine passport mandate. 


My Word for our Club, Members and Friends in 2022 is FREEDOM!


We are in a fight for our country…and most citizens are unaware of the destructive agenda of the left.  We have to work together to preserve our FREEDOMS – Educate others that these issues are OUR GOD GIVEN CONSTITUIONAL RIGHTS.  As Rand Paul said the Constitution was not written to restrain citizen’s behavior it was written to restrain the Government’s behavior.  We must be steadfast in the fight for freedom, but we must also be joyful in the fight. This past year as noted above, we held many events demonstrating our desire to uplift each other while having fun as we engage in the fight for freedom in our various ways.


We Deserve the

  • FREEDOM TO CHOOSE – such as our medical freedom, vaccinations including our children.
  • FREEDOM TO TRAVEL – and not just regarding Covid restrictions, but California wants to track our mileage and tax us for road usage.
  • ECONOMIC FREEDOM  - relieve business from undue restraints and ease taxes so the wealthy can put money back into the economy.
  • FREEDOM OF SPEECH – Cancel Culture and Doxing
  • FREEDOM TO GATHER IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE – restaurants, playgrounds, sports stadiums, even our own homes.
  • FREEDOM TO HAVE FAIR ELECTIONS – besides election fraud we need to get rid of the jungle primary to have fair and balanced elections in California
  • FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION – PUBLIC FORUMS SUCH AS FACEBOOK, TWITTER should be just that.  Public without fear of the censorship and the thought police.
  • FREEDOM TO WORSHIP – Shutting down churches while pot shops stayed open.
  • FREEDOM TO BEAR ARMS – The right to protect ourselves and for Police Officers to have the ability to protect us.

Stay tuned for our schedule in 2022.  We will have great speakers, mixers at Busby’s Sports Bar and ramp up our Campaign Headquarters for the Mid-Term elections in 2022.  There are plenty of ways for you to be involved.  We will see you soon, and I do hope you had a blessed Holiday and Happy New Year.


Sincerely Yours,


Pat Peterson