President's message


Dear Members,

As we prepare for a two-month hiatus in our club luncheons, it doesn’t mean we stop working! Our job is to educate as many people as possible on the perils of the left’s agenda.  Most people still don’t know about Target’s Pride Displays, and I just spoke with a teacher in a private school who didn’t know about the transgender agenda in the public schools.  This is our calling – to bring the evil to light.  I listened to this speech below, given by a UK teacher at a National Conservative Conference.  It bears repeating here:  


Are we paying enough attention to the fact that our nation's culture is not only created in our schools, but that it is our children who are leading the development of that culture in our schools?  Adult authority is long gone so here I am ringing the alarm. In 20 years many of us will be retired or sadly dead and the children in our schools will be in important and influential positions in our institutions. As GK Chesterton said “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him but because he loves what is behind him.”  While I'm asking how much do you love your country? How much do you love the values that you claim to defend? Do you love them enough to tweet under your own name? Do you love them enough to change your child's school to one that's less woke and ignore the impact on your social status?  Do you love them enough to do more than simply chat to your friends who already agree with you at dinner parties?  For heaven’s sake man, stand up and be counted! As Russell Crowe says in the film Gladiator “Hold the line! Stay with me!  What we do in life echoes in eternity.”  Will your life echo hollow with cowardly hypocrisy or will it echo with courage valiance and honor? The choice is yours…Strength and honor be with you!   Katharine Birbalsingh


Republicans can only change the face of our nation and get back to family values, economic prosperity, energy independence, lower taxes , a strong national defense and school choice if we VOTE! Over the summer we will continue to have our great co-ed, mixers, an all-important First Responder Appreciation Barbecue on July 15th, but most importantly we will work towards a new strategy to increase voter registration and perform ballot chasing all the way to the polls. 


Your fellow Americans need you to participate to see VICTORY in the 2024 elections.  It is possible, do not lose heart.  Hold the line!  Stay with me!  Stay together as we fight on, for what we love is behind us. 


Respectfully Yours,

Patricia Peterson