President's message


Dear Members, 

We are in a fight for our country . . . and most citizens are unaware of the destructive agenda of the left. We have to work together to preserve our FREEDOMS – OUR GOD-GIVEN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. As Rand Paul said the Constitution was not written to restrain citizens’ behavior – it was written to restrain the Government’s behavior. 

Focus on what our party stands for, Freedom and Liberty. Not censorship, promoting racism, and federal government oversight with “false freedoms" promised. 

  • FREEDOM TO CHOOSE – Medical freedom (vaccines and masking) and freedom to choose the schools we want to send our children to with our taxpayer dollars
  • FREEDOM TO TRAVEL – CA wants to track our mileage and tax us for road usage, driving us to limited-use electric cars. 
  • ECONOMIC FREEDOM – Relieve business from undue restraints and ease taxes so the wealthy can put money back into the economy. 
  • FREEDOM OF SPEECH – Cancel Culture, doing, and wokeness such as transgender pronouns. 
  • FREEDOM TO GATHER IN THE PUBLIC SQUARE – Restaurants, playgrounds, sports stadiums, even our own homes. 
  • FREEDOM TO CONDUCT FAIR ELECTIONS – besides Election fraud we need to get rid of the jungle primary to have fair and balanced elections in CA
  • FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION – PUBLIC FORUMS SUCH AS FACEBOOK, TWITTER should be just that, thank you Elon Musk! Public expression without fear of the thought police. 
  • FREEDOM TO WORSHIP – One nation under God. Damar Hamlin brought back prayer on the football field! 
  • FREEDOM TO BEAR ARMS – The right to protect ourselves – and for Police Officers to have the ability to protect us. 

Now is the time to prepare for the 2024 elections. Republicans need unity. And that unity comes through greater numbers of registered Republican Voters. Let’s make this a year of Voter Registration, and speaking out the truth in love. We can win many over to voting for common sense, protecting our children, and the Freedom to Choose. 

Best Wishes for 2023,

Pat Peterson