FEBRUARY 2022 President's message


Dear Friends,

We are ready to start a year of kicking XXX in 2022 if you know what I mean.  In this all-important mid-term election year SMRWF is holding both luncheons and evening speakers who are uncovering the truth about suppression of freedom and free speech in the United States.  It’s only through sharing knowledge, based on facts, in an impactful but non-threatening way that we are going to change hearts and minds to save America. 
I was at a baby shower this weekend and met a man who attended church regularly in Pacific Palisades.  He told me he learned to not mix politics and religion a long time ago and has decided to stay neutral because there are bad politicians on both sides.  That is what he said he also told his son who wanted to know what to believe.  I must be living in a bubble because I was shocked.  I had never met anyone who was a-political, particularly in this day and age.  I had to bite my tongue because if he calls himself a Christian, the least he can do is support and DEFEND the Constitution and Bill of Rights which were written by the founding fathers who acknowledge these rights come from God.  Those documents uphold both people’s religious and civil freedoms.  Does he not see that we have had so much of that taken away?  In my opinion he is shirking his responsibility within a much more receptive, open and conservative forum, the church to turn the tide away from the liberal left and back towards at least the center to upright the boat again.  What a wasted an opportunity. 
Our calendar is already full with great speakers to inform, education, stimulate, entertain and call us to ACTION in 2022. 
We want to see you there.
Pat Peterson

  • Brad Dacus – Pacific Justice Institute
  • Katie Hopkins – British Journalist, Political Commentator and Author
  • Soledad Urusa, Venice Neighborhood Council.  She brought Larry Elder to Venice Beach.
  • St. Patty’s Day Mixer
  • Ann and Phelim McAleer – film producers and discussing, previewing soon to be released “My Son Hunter”.  The film director may be there too.
  • Sip and Shop Mother’s Day Vendor Sale
  • 65th Anniversary of the founding of Santa Monica Republican Women Federated.  Celebration of Past Presidents, featuring State CFRW President as our speaker
  • New Members Party.  You don’t want to miss this one.
  • Forum on Primary Election, candidates, and issues.