MAY 2022 President's message


Dear Friends,

Santa Monica Republican Women Federated is on a roll. We are springing up with new members everywhere and have burst forth with some amazing programs this year. Have you ever heard of the term bloom where you are planted? Well, that’s what I’d like to challenge you to do. Bloom within the Santa Monica Republican Women’s Club. Because of concerned, committed women like yourselves, we are now up to 182 club members and 30 plus associates which include men as well as women from other clubs. You ladies have been reaching out to “new” like-minded friends who are looking for a safe place to learn. We have 30 new members in 2022. At our club’s luncheons, forums and mixers you will learn: 

  1. What is really happening in our country that the media is not telling you. 
  2. How to discern the truth in this woke – cancel culture. And where to get your news. 
  3. How to fight back. 
  4. How we can come together to take back our country. 

Attending club functions is like water to a thirsty soul. Our luncheon speakers have combatted homelessness in Venice, fought for religious freedom and parental rights, are exposing the deals that went down on Hunter Biden’s laptop and much more to come! We cannot rest, we must keep all of these stories alive. Ukraine is not a battle being fought in the United States and while devastating, it’s a convenient distraction for the Biden Administration. 

While I write this our candidate forum just took place. We Republicans still have leaders that want to make a difference. We just need to start a red wave and get people out to vote. Tell them, to bloom, to push forth, to help bring new life to our state. I am counting on you to help by partnering with SMRWF to get the job done!

Pat Peterson