President's message


What is Truth? 

It’s time to embrace the sovereignty of our country.  To remind people that America was founded on an ideology that was created by the people, for the people and of the people.  Not by a build back better BIGGER government.  We are in an ideological war that uses words to twist truths.  It’s time to inspire people to remind them Why We Fight!


We fight illegitimate oppressors who exploit people and children in the environment in which they live.


We fight for a liberalism and a free-market system that is far superior to their one world digital currency and government.  Ours embraces freedom to succeed based upon hard work and collaboration of ideas.  It makes your neighbor, your boss, your friends, and your countrymen allies.  We are allies of free people around the world.


We need to recognize and verbalize what we have, what our God give rights are as stated in our Constitution, and teach it to our children, adult children, grandchildren, and all citizens.  What we have motivated Americans to rise up in WWII to fight and save our country, both oversees and to make sacrifices at home.  Japanese, Chinese, blacks, and American Indians joined the Armed Forces to defend the United States – their homeland.  We became the greatest industrial nation on earth, that symbolized a better life for anyone who could get here. 


We need to re-embrace our civilization.  God created us in His image, male and female.  He created and blessed the family unit and called us to procreate – go forth and multiply.  The left has distorted this ideology and targeted our children with lies and transgender grooming and mutilation.  Everyone needs to know they are a gift from God, and he loves them the way they are and each one of us is created for a unique purpose.


Our intellectual capital needs to be touted and taught.  The United States is the leader (still) in Science and Technology.  We have the greatest minds in our own society, which have become misdirected.  Tell everyone to use their intellect to think freely and to promote goodwill, free enterprise, and equal opportunity, not equal outcome.


Only the United States brought about freedom, prosperity, change for women, children, and defense of people around the world.  Who are we?  We are westerners who believe in Western Civilization with social norms, ethical values, traditions, and customs stepped in the heritage of people who founded this great nation. It’s worth fighting for and why we should fight.

Sincerely yours,

Pat Peterson