JULY 2021 President's message


                             As California Goes so Goes the Country


We are in a fight for our lives.  Every man and woman is needed to get out the vote to recall Newsom.  We have a chance to flip this state and the new mask mandates are working in our favor.  

Read later in this newsletter the 13 Reasons to Recall Newsom in detail.  But for now….let’s look at where its hitting our pocketbook.  Water restrictions in our state cause food prices to soar.  This causes the rest of the country to suffer along with us.  Those water restrictions limit hydro-electric power thus we also suffer rolling blackouts.  Did you hear about Basic Income being legislated.  Two years of free money $1,000 a month, for economically disadvantaged and displaced persons.  Now who’s pocketbook is going to pay for this?  YOU AND ME!  Crime, crime and more crime is on the rise – Newsom threw his weight behind LA District Attorney Gascon to get him elected…and ruin our city just as he did San Francisco.  The list goes on and on, but you get he gist of how you can engage people to educate them on the recall.  It’s almost become a non-partisan issue – just like the Gascon Recall effort.  You can kiss that goodbye if the Newsome Recall fails.  

Please join Linda Lancaster in her phone banking training to recall Newsom.  The only answer you need to know is Vote YES. It’s not important which Republican wins – we don’t need infighting.  There will be a gubernatorial election again in November 2022 and candidates with more time can properly mount their campaigns.  Please join us on our feet, on our knees and on the phone to get the job done.  We have free lawn signs so just shoot me an email. More about how the voting process works and the election timetable later in this newsletter.  

I believe we will succeed.  Never, never, never give up!  Winston Churchill


All my best,

Pat Peterson