JANUARY 2023 President's message


Dear Members, 

Do I have anything profound to say? No. Do I have any words of advice? No - Am I hopeful? Yes - Do I think Trump should run for President? I have no idea. Do I think DeSantis should run for President? I think his time has not yet come. Who do I think should run for the Democratic nomination? Newsom – get him the heXX out of our state! 

We are going to be in for a wild ride the next two years with tweets, sound bites, texts, memes, podcasts, and pundits a-flurry. It’s hard to know the truth….but the truth be told don’t believe what you hear. We were fooled with optimism by outdated pollsters. Who in the world are they talking to? Certainly not the citizens that voted for John Fetterman, aka Gomez from the Addams Family. What has the world come to? Every issue is an emotional battle. Not common dollars and sense (cents). We need to start thinking with our hearts and not with our heads if we want to beat these infidels. Keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer as they say. 

One goal of SMRWF will be to increase voter registration. We simply have to overwhelm the voter rolls with more Republican voters, even if we think fraud continues. Another will be to identify local races where no Republican candidates are running…and really look to fill those slots. As has been the mantra this past year – School Boards are wide open and parents are now our ally. 

I am excited that Santa Monica Republican Women Federated is bringing you a great program of speakers throughout the year. Jennifer Horn is my number on listen at 7:00 AM on 870 AM. She often fills in for Sebastian Gorka and has a pulse on the real news both statewide and national. 

We need your help to bring order and sustainability back to the Republican Party. If you can help – please let us know. 

Sincerely Yours, Sending Happy New Year’s Blessings Your Way. 

Patricia Peterson